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It is common that people only start to think about lighting after the final architectural design has been completed. Although this may not be a problem when complying with design guidelines, it often means that the result is far from being completely integrated with the project.

LKH Projects Distribution Pte Ltd has worked with owners, developers, architects, engineers, interior designers, lighting Consultants and contractors on numerous projects supply in the commercial, residential and industrial segments. We look forward to helping you in crafting a visual feast for your projects through our partnership with world-class brand partners.

Lighting Products

Indoor Lighting

• Luminaires for track
• Recessed spotlights, floodlights & wallwashers
• Recessed luminaires
• Surface-mounted luminaires
• Pendant luminaires
• Task lights
• Wall-mounted luminaires
• In-ground  luminaires

Outdoor Lighting

• Façade projectors, floodlights and wallwashers
• Bollard luminaires
• Recessed luminaires
• Surface-mounted luminaires
• In-ground luminaires

Market Segments

Residential Lighting


Commercial Lighting


Hospitality Lighting


Industrial Lighting


Public Lighting


Architectural Lighting

Light Journey is the vision of LKH Group, a market leader in the distribution of lighting, electrical equipment and accessories, to create a collaborative platform for our partners with passion in lighting to create, share and realize their dream lighting statement.

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